Go on an adventure in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif!

There are no hidden glaciers for you to discover around Morzine… but the famous Mont Blanc massif is just a stone’s throw away and we can easily get there for the day with an hours drive from Morzine. We will then take the ski lifts for quick access to the higher altitude glaciers.

Up here, you will discover a magnificent mountain universe, roped together climbing amongst the crevasses the touring skis and skins allow us to approach the highest peaks opening up endless descents.

Gear & Equipement

  • Your guide will provide the specific mountaineering gear
  • If you don’t have your own avalanche kit, ask your guide, he’ll have some for you
  • Add tou your usual ski outfit some warm layers, it might be cold up there! Multi layer system is perfect.
  • A 20 to 30L back pack to fit a down jacket, hot water bottle and some snacks.

Physical condition & technical level

The outings which we will be considering will not necessarily be long itineraries. It is not necessary to have a high level in ski touring but good physical fitness is essential because of the altitude and the environment.

You will need to have a good level of skiing in all conditions and on all types of terrain due to the vertical gain, you will need to comfortably ski in all types of snow. We will be able to ski tour up on top of the wind blown, hard pack snow before enjoying the descent of the year in cinematic snow!

Your guide will do a safety breifing before heading out (transceiver check, weather and snow forecast, safety instructions). At any time he might have to adapt the trip regarding the weather or the group shape and abilities.