Each participant must be in possession of “Personal Accident and Rescue Liability” insurance covering the costs of heliported or other types of rescue, such as “Club Alpin” or “Carte Neige”.


All outings not cancelled by 5 p.m. the day before must be paid for. In the event of bad weather, an alternative may be proposed. If this solution is not accepted, the outing will of course be cancelled and/or postponed.


Prices include supervision and group equipment. They do not include: third-party liability and rescue insurance, transport costs, ski lifts and individual equipment hire. The guide’s transport, accommodation and food costs are the responsibility of the participants.

Number of participants

It varies according to the outing and the difficulties involved. The guide is the sole judge of the number of people required, depending on mountain conditions. The practice of mountaineering (high and medium) and its various activities presuppose acceptance of the risks associated with this specific environment.

For more information on our booking and cancellation conditions, please contact us.