In the mountains and off-piste, to manage your safety and that of the people you ski and snowboard with, you need to be trained. Following others tracks is risky… and relying on luck does not always work.

You are a freerider, tourer or you hang out quietly between the slopes without daring to venture off-piste, this training day is for you, young or old! First we will get out in the snow. We will discuss various topics such as weather, snow science, the human factors and route management and we will also provide instruction on safety equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, etc.), their operation and effective use.

Objectives and content of the day

The idea is not to provide a theoretical course in a classroom but to go out into the field and learn to ask the right questions, to know where to go to get the right information to make the right decisions. This day aims to train you to acquire the correct reflexes. Before learning to use a transceiver, you must first learn NOT to have to use it: plan where you are going to ski and snowboard (at altitude, in the forest), choose your line, manage the progress of the group… In case of a problem, how to deal with an accident, an injury, an avalanche. How to notify the emergency services, which number to call. If we have phone signal…!

There are a lot of elements which the guides will help you understand, giving you the basics to get you started.

Gear & equipement

Ski and Snowboard level

  • Tranciever, probe, shovel are the basic. If you don’t have your’s, your guide will provide some.
  • Your usual ski equipement. Wide skis makes things easier in off piste.
  • Back pack for safety essential and a warm piece for static time while digging snow pit…

A good level in all snow conditions on all terrain is necessary.

Before heading out, you will decide with your guide what style of terrain you would like to cover.

Group days on request. Because each persons level is not the same, everyone’s expectations and knowledge are different, we do not mix groups. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information for private groups, families, locals, seasonaires…