The Haute Cime of the Dents du Midi is a majestic hike, physically demanding and technical. After 1,700m of elevation gain, you will be rewarded the effort with the most beautiful panorama of the region, from its 3,258m altitude. A hike to remain engraved in your memory for life!

Les Dents du Midi

The Dents du Midi are located in the Chablais massif on the Swiss side. They are made up of 7 peaks the highest of which is the Haute Cime at 3258m. From East to West we find the Cime de l’Est (3,178m), the Fortress (3,164m), the Cathedral (3,160m), the Éperon (3,114m), the Dent Jaune (3,186m), the Fingers (3,205 and 3,210m) and Haute Cime. It is the latter that we suggest you climb with the starting point from Val d’Illiez or the Van hamlet.

Did you know that in the town of Morgins, which faces the northern side of the Dents, is a brewery producing beers, each beer with a different flavour bearing the name of one of these peaks?


If you wish to plan this hike over one day or two days with a night in a refuge, the equipment will be different. To be defined with your guide!

  • Walking shoes and walking poles.
  • Backpack with food and water.
  • Hiking clothes, change of clothes and warm clothes.