Canyoning for family fun

You want to make an unforgettable holiday for your children, come and test kids canyoning. As the name suggests, these canyons are accessible to children from 8 years. That doesn’t mean parents are going to be bored! On the contrary, you will take as much or even more pleasure than your children in sliding and jumping in the pools filled with water.

Sharing a great moment with your children is what you will remember for a long time!

If you don’t like water, no problem, entrust your children to us, we have the experience to ensure their fun and safety. You can even take pictures in different places along the route, accessible on foot.

The Balme slides, fun!

No need for a harness for this initiation into canyoning: all you have to do is allow yourself to be guided down the natural slides sculpted by the water! A few jumps (not mandatory) also enhance this beautiful descent.

Included gear

  • Helmet
  • Néoprène wetsuit and socks

Individual gear

  • Trainers that will be wet
  • Swiming suit
  • Bath towel