For heli-skiing, why not travel to Zermatt ski resort where there are some of the most beautiful slopes to ski down from the top of the Monte-Rosa at 4,250m. This spot is spectacular with 2,500m to ski downhill to Furi before returning to Zermatt. This means it is an even longer run than any in Canada. The Alphubel downhill is another wonderful 2,300m descent.

Zermatt is an ideal for heliskiing, but for some trips you can also start from Cevinia in Italy. Both are good ski resorts to mix heliskiing and ski touring. Such a trip is better over two days:

  • Day 1 : off-piste and a night in a refuge or mountain hut
  • Day 2 : heliskiing from a drop-off point

The Guide's advice

For who?
Very good skiers
How many?
4 people/guide
Advantages of the activity
How long?
2 days
950 € for 4 people
How to book?