Climbing the Mont-Blanc, 4810m high, is a dream for many. Reaching the highest peak in the Alps remains a real challenge in what is for many the unknown High Mountain environment. The arrival at the summit is always an unforgettable moment.

The Morzine Mountain Guides’ office offers training to make sure you will reach your goal. For more information about the climb, the equipment necessary, prices… do not hesitate to contact us.

The training programme

  • Day 1 :  Learn how to use crampons on the Mer de Glace. This step is absolutely necessary as it is not very easy to walk with crampons, roped up and holding an ice axe. This day will enable you to feel at ease with the equipment and learn the basics of mountaineering in a high mountain environment.
  • Day 2 :  Crossing the Aiguilles d’Entrêves and Aiguille de Toule. One night at  Torino mountain hut. 3375 m.
  • Day 3 : Ascent of Tour Ronde via Freschfield ridge.
  • Day 4 : Hiking up to Tête Rousse, 3167m.
  • Day 5 : The ascent of the Mont Blanc 4810 m, and descent to the Goûter mountain hut, 3800m.
  • Day 6 : Going down to the valley via the Aiguille du Goûter.

Overall organisation

  • Day 1 : a guide for 6 people
  • From day 2, a guide for 2 people
  • From the second day onwards, this will enable you to do interesting climbs while preparing technically for the Mont-Blanc ascent. As you will spend the whole week with you guide, it will also allow him to adapt to your rhythm.

Equipment necessary

To carry out your ascent in the best possible conditions, here is a list of the equipment necessary : click here.


The Guide's advice

For who?
Fit, trained climbers
How many?
Contact us
Advantages of the activity
Reach the highest peak in the Alps
How long?
One week
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