Aiguille Verte

The famous climber Gaston Rebuffat used to say: « Before climbing the Green you are just a climber, after you are a real mountaineer …. » This sentence reflects the feeling you get when you reach the summit. You feel in another world, as if you dominated everything,

Morzine guides can take you up to the summit over two days either via the classic itinerary, the Whymper gully, or by crossing the different ridges leading to the top:

  • arête du Jardin D-
  • arête des Grands Montets D
  • arête Sans Nom TD-
  • arête du Moine (voie de descente alternative) AD+


The Guide's advice

For who?
Experienced to very experienced climbers
How many?
1 person/guide
Advantages of the activity
How long?
2 days
From 1050 to 2250 €
How to book?